I am moving on…

•April 17, 2012 • Leave a Comment

It has been a while since I made any posts. This does not mean that I have been sitting idle, just busy learning so much stuff!
Now I can…heel, stay, stop, sit, find stoat skins, and socialising with fellow canines and little human beings (apparently called kids).
The socialising is a very important part of my training as my future jobs might involve advocacy work in schools and at social events (look forward to being a social advocate! woof woof. As long as they don’t mind a bit of lick here and there).
Oh! and losing my puppy teeth. I so want to chew everything and anything! Thanks to my handler I get shown what not to chew (with a firm ‘no!’), and offered a better altetnative (like pig ears…yummy!).
Anyway, I now have a Facebook page, and am unable to keep both that and this blog up to date. So please (with a woof woof) visit me at Fern Conservationdog on Facebook to keep track of my training progress.
This blog will still be used for key events and the jobs that I will eventually be going to once I am fully certified.


Just sharing photos of my puppy teeth. Hope the dog tooth fairy brings me bones…woof woof!


Here we go…

•March 9, 2012 • 1 Comment

The first few weeks with my new handler involved just getting used to my new family pack, which includes two other BIG dogs… ahhh! big dogs are so much fun (although they do cause me to lose my bladder contents sometimes from all the excitement!).

The big dogs don’t mind me jumping up on them (although I do get a few growls when I take it too far) and I can play rough with them… woof!

After a few weeks the routine changed! so after my usual daily bush walk with the handler and the other dogs, I was put in my travel cage (which is where I sleep each night and always travel in) and taken to another location away from home. At this new location something was put around my neck, and as soon as that happened the handler’s behaviour changed too?! It was all serious and I could not get away with my cute puppy antics anymore (grrrr!).

‘Sit’ says the handler… ‘sit’ says the handler again.

I have no idea what that word means, so I just put my butt on the ground and look at the handler for more information.

Instead I get this treat given to me… Yummy!!

So I jump up at my handler for some more! and get a ‘sit’ again.

Hmmmm! that word again. Ok, I better put my butt back down and think about this…

Oh! another treat! Yummy!… Hold on, there is a connection. ‘Sit’ + butt on the ground = treat (yummy).

I like this treat relationship… woof! woof! 🙂

Suddenly the thing around my neck comes off and I hear an ‘OK’. The handler’s behaviour became playful all of a sudden.


Hello world!

•March 1, 2012 • 6 Comments

Wonder how long it will take me to find my way around this blog…paws don’t help! And being a very excited 4 month old border terrier x fox terrier, might make it even more challenging…but we can only try…woof woof.
My journey into fully certified predator dog has begun, and for my fellow canines out there who would like to try their paw at this, I thought to record my journey, with both the highs (rewards) and not so highs.