I am moving on…

It has been a while since I made any posts. This does not mean that I have been sitting idle, just busy learning so much stuff!
Now I can…heel, stay, stop, sit, find stoat skins, and socialising with fellow canines and little human beings (apparently called kids).
The socialising is a very important part of my training as my future jobs might involve advocacy work in schools and at social events (look forward to being a social advocate! woof woof. As long as they don’t mind a bit of lick here and there).
Oh! and losing my puppy teeth. I so want to chew everything and anything! Thanks to my handler I get shown what not to chew (with a firm ‘no!’), and offered a better altetnative (like pig ears…yummy!).
Anyway, I now have a Facebook page, and am unable to keep both that and this blog up to date. So please (with a woof woof) visit me at Fern Conservationdog on Facebook to keep track of my training progress.
This blog will still be used for key events and the jobs that I will eventually be going to once I am fully certified.


Just sharing photos of my puppy teeth. Hope the dog tooth fairy brings me bones…woof woof!


~ by conservationdog on April 17, 2012.

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